We are constantly looking throughout the country for new locations where you can create direct sales points.

We are looking for properties with the following characteristics:
• commercial real estate with variable surfaces between 600sqm and 1200sqm;
• buildings located in residential areas with more than 50,000 inhabitants;
• commercial units present in existing or newly-built shopping centers;
• commercial buildings in the city center on routes with high vehicular traffic;

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Turn your passion for fashion into a business.

We ask:
• Commercial units in the city center or in shopping centers;
• Variable surfaces between 600sqm and 1000sqm;
• Inhabited centers with more than 50,000 inhabitants;
• Initial investment for furnishings, accessories, lighting fixtures, approximately € 500.00 per square meter;
• Bank guarantee depending on square footage;
• No Royalty;
• Entry fee of € 5,000.00

We offer:
• Commercial sales account formula;
• Payment of only sold;
• Around 800 seasonal references with continuous new weekly grafts;
• Transportation to be borne by the parent company;
• Exclusive territorial;
• Location assessment and feasibility study;
• Layout design of the point of sale;
• Pre and post opening assistance;
• Remote computer support;
• Staff training at our stores for a period of about one month;

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